How to be Happy in your own skin

You are one of the 7 Billion people on this planet….. the one speckle on this planet earth. You have a life to live how YOU want to live it.

I think life is meant to be joyful and you growing as a person. Everyday should be like it’s your birthday, even though your birthday is such a special day :-). Being active and doing what you like doing in this moment in time.

People are used to routines. Let me tell you this one about waking up in the morning:

6:00am – Alarm goes off. Press snooze

6:10am – Alarm goes off. Check Facebook on cellphone.

6:20am – Slowly get yourself out of bed and put the jug on. Make breakfast.

6:30am – Eat breakfast while looking at Facebook.

6:40am – Jump into the shower and then get dressed.

6:55am – Have 5min to kill before heading out the door for work. Checks Facebook.

I am sure most of you do a similar routine each morning before heading off to work.

Do you follow people and listen to what they say and agree even though you totally disagree?

Do you act like everyone else because even if you feel like dancing in the middle of the supermarket, people will think your nuts?

This is all normal human behaviour to follow people and blend in to the environment we are surrounded by. But you don’t have to be like this and you don’t have to follow suit.

I’m telling you to be YOURSELF and enjoy every moment in YOUR life the way YOU choose to live it.

Stop blaming others for you being unhappy or unfulfilled. It’s time to make a change and It’s only a small change to make every day, a day that’s worth living.

Now let’s start right now….


What do you enjoy doing?

So my first challenge to you is to think about what you really want out of life. If you are not sure just yet, DON’T STRESS

This is another subject that gets people down. “What will I become in the future? What is my purpose”

But again don’t worry, this will come to you in time but right now in this moment think what do you enjoy doing or explore what you like to really do if you don’t know yet.

  • Join a sports team

  • Go do a course example: sewing course/dance class/photography.

  • go to events

  • get outside, or if your a indoors person then do something indoors.

And if you end up your not liking a course or whatever, then explore the next thing that you want to join or do.


It’s all about you

Who cares what other people think. It’s not there life. Now I don’t mean pull a sickie at work for a few days because you don’t feel like it. I mean just be yourself and if someone isn’t liking what your saying or doing, then that’s their problem.

You are here for a reason and you should follow your passion and what you believe in. Nobody has the right to control your life and tell you that you can not do something. Fears are meant to be conquered and dreams are meant to happen.

So next time if your gut is telling you something it’s usually right so stop following people around and start following your heart and be the person you truly are.


Be yourself

Be kind to one self. We have all had those times where we would say “Silly me” , “aaaggghh stop stuffing up already” and “I better not blow it this time”.

These are all hurtful put downs on one self. Would you say anything like this to your friend or a parent?

If you did your a mean person in my books.

We have to love ourselves and say nice stuff, Treat yourself like you would to a child of yourself. Enjoy your own company and notice all the great talents you have so you can be more confident.

We are all unique and have our weaknesses and our strengths. For weaknesses you can work on and for our strengths you can work on also and become the best YOU, you can possibly be.



It really does help to wake up every morning and being thankful for what you have in your life and how beautiful this world we live in is. Have a diary and right down all the exciting or amazing things that has happened that day. Also being happy that you are you is the best you can do and magical things start to happen.

Be happy, Be you, Be free


Getting fit with an injury


I have had a few injuries in my past…..

When I was 12 years old, I fractured my tailbone when I fell over on my roller blades and that made it difficult to go to school as I had to have a bum cushion… don’t laugh! I had a curved spin and sitting down was very painful. I went to a physiotherapist for a while and I managed to straighten myself up.

I also had a couple of falls. Mum called me an accident-prone child haha.

So during me growing up I had back pain on and off. Right now I am feeling it at my worst. I got an xray done previously and showed up my curve in the spin and also my pelvis is uneven. I had been to a osteopath, physiotherapist, podiatrist and a chiropractor. All of the above did help but I still feel pain. But I did find the Osteopath worked for my condition best.

Now let’s get to a solution!!

What do you do for an occupation? sometimes you maybe not lifting properly and not using your ab muscles. Through the physio, the doc told me my ab muscles may not be doing there job properly. I’d suggest checking that out.

How often are you doing stretches? This is a big one as you can’t do too much or too little. It’s hard to listen to your body and do just enough stretch work to help those hamstrings and muscles. For myself I do morning and night.

Are you going through a tough time emotionally? Now this is where it get’s interesting. I had noticed my back pain happens sometimes when I’m upset or stressed. Or if I know I have to make a change as I am unhappy. It’s amazing what your body tells you. This is a good article… just click the link here!!

Are you slowly getting back into fitness? I hadn’t been working out for 6 months but if you are in a lot of pain, you do need to rest but also go for a walk to get those joints moving. I need to move around myself or else I get too sore sitting too long. But everyone is different.

How is your posture? This is a big one as we are tending to be slouchy humans. Make sure those shoulders are straight and back, your pelvis forward and use your ab muscles 10% to support that lower back. It is highly important to keep those ab muscles working. So next time your at a dinner table or standing in line waiting….think about your POSTURE 🙂

Do you massage or roll out the muscles? rolling out muscles helps to relieve those muscles working overtime. massaging out those knots really helps. You can do it yourself or go to a osteopath.


Yoga is great for that stretch work. Be careful not to over do it and hurt yourself even more. Your meant to be a bit sore in the muscles the next day but not too much in your back. For my lower back I tell the instructor I can not do back bends at the moment until my back is healed properly.


This is recommended by my Doctor. It works your abs and other body parts. This is a awesome way to get back into fitness easy and slowly for back problems and sciatic nerve. But again don’t over do it and hurt yourself. Tell the instructor your conditions.

look after your body…

You only get one and It’s important to keep it healthy. Listen to your body and treat it well 🙂

This post is only my own knowledge and I am not a doctor. This is my own experience with back pain and I just want to help others with the same issues. All the best and back pain is not forever. Keep fit and healthy and look after yourselves. 



Travelling on ‘Legend of the seas’ Cruise liner

I seen a great deal in the paper called THE BIG DEAL. There were cruise ship specials on. I was excited, as I have never been on a cruise ship before. I have seen the movie Titanic so many times and I have always wanted to go on a cruise ship and be like Rose from the movie. 🙂

Booked the tickets for Russ (boyfriend) & I. Was lucky to get tickets because the deal was nearly over. Was meant to be I say!


27th of September 2015

Bags packed and were ready to go. We an’t far from the Fremantle Port so took our Luggage right over to the Ship. Excited and nervous, my hat flew off my head from the wind…


… “oh well Let’s just forget about it and hop on the ship!” I said with no stress as I can always buy a new hat 🙂

ALL ABOARD 5pm ‘Legend of the seas’ set sail and we had some fantastic views as we leave Fremantle. This is it, finally on a ship that I have dreamed of.

28th of September 2015

We sail overnight and land in Geraldton, Australia. We definitely felt the temperature rise as we head out of the ship to look around and see what Geraldton has to offer. Funny how it was a public holiday and all the shops were closed. But we went into a lovely cafe near the ocean to have a cuppa coffee.

Sun was beaming down and I definitely felt it on my head. Russ wanted to go up to the look out on top of the hill. I say “Wicked, but I need a hat for the hike haha”. We purchase a hat and away we go. Had great views from the top and then decided to head back down and head to the ship as we were hungry and seen what we wanted to see.


29th – 30th of September 2015

We set sail heading north and have two days at sea till our next destination. Having all the food you can eat, the theater and other activities on the ship. There was no way you could get board.

Having dinner on the ship was my fave, eating a three course meal and in a fine dinning restaurant was exquisite. Felt like Rose off Titanic movie once again. 😉

1st of October 2015

We arrive in Port Hedland. Our Itinerary said Broome, But the tide wasn’t right to port there. So Port Hedland it is, and what a place to stop haha.

Port Hedland is a mining town in Australia. All I seen as I look out from the ship was Orange dust over machinery and buildings. But on the bright side.. I got to see a mining town for the first time. Also felt how hot Australia is up north.


2nd of October 2015

Set sail heading north up to Indonesia. So we say goodbye to Australia. It fascinates me of how the ship glides through the water carrying a rough guess of 2000 passengers on board, as we see nothing but ocean ahead of us.

3rd of October 2015

We are now in Benoa, Bali. I can already smell the air is different and the feel of the heat is different also. All ready with our sunscreen on and sunny’s to see what Bali has in store. First impressions wasn’t the best as we got hassled with the taxi drivers and haven’t even entered into the main town yet.

Bali has a nice feel once you get into the country more. Bartering was another thing I’m not use to and Russ helped me out with a dress I was purchasing. I have Bartered before, but this was different as everything was so cheap AU$10. I didn’t feel I needed to Barter. That’s how they do business I guess.

So Russ and I had a lovely day just looking around and I got a dress and a wallet for real cheap. Russ got some undies hehe. The Taxi ride back to the ship wasn’t any better from the first taxi. quite rude to Russ but we learnt that you just have to be blunt. They keep wanting more money.

On a happy note… definitely coming back to Bali sometime as they do have some nice people and super cheap clothing 🙂


4th of October 2015

We head out to sea overnight and land in Lombok, Indonesia. We figured getting another taxi would be another mission. So we head out on foot, going down a random path that took us through one of there villages and really seen how the locals lived.

I got a culture shock as the children were running up to us asking for money and touching us. I just felt so sorry for them. So Desie (myself) having a cry about it and we decided to go down another path. Now I’ve traveled through Europe, I do know there are different cultures around the world. I didn’t realize Indonesia had little money. But they are doing just fine, they still have food and water. I know that now.

Over all, great experience and I don’t think I will be returning to Lombok any time soon. We did only see one part of Lombok though! 🙂

5th – 8th of October 2015

Three days out at see and it starts to get this smokey haze in the air. It’s that time of year ‘Indonesia burn off’

Here’s a link that tells you all about it, click here» Indonesia Burning

There are widespread forest fires in Indonesia almost every year during the dry season, but this year’s are proving particularly devastating, destroying vast tracts of jungle and blanketing neighbouring countries in toxic smog

A staggering amount of waste – much of which has only existed for the past 60 years or so – enters the oceans each year.

Here’s a link to have a look at, on more about this subject. WWF Marine Pollution

Also this link here is a good article on climate change to the Coral. Coral bleaching


 9th of October 2015

We arrive in Langkawi, Malaysia. I’m starting to get use to the heat and stickiness while applying sunscreen on every day and this is day 12 on our cruise.


I absolutely love this island Langkawi. Such a nice feel to it, even though it still had those squatting toilets haha. Which are better in a way as it’s best for the bowel to be in a squatting position. Another funny thing they had was a hose in the toilets for cleaning the bottom. I didn’t use it though… I will do next time 😉

Had a nice beer at this bar down by the beach and had a look around the island. Russ and I said we could see ourselves living there.

10th of October 2015

Now we are in Port Klang, Malaysia. It takes a two hour drive to get to Kuala Lumpur and by the time we hopped out of the ship, we didn’t want to wait in a taxi for that time. So we went into Klang town to see little India that had good reviews on tripadvisor. It definitely felt like we were in India that’s for sure with the curry smells and music playing. So we just looked around and went to a nice park up top of this hill.

Next time we will get to Kuala Lumpur and do a tour!


11th of October 2015

We arrive at our final destination, Singapore!! It was a big goodbye to the people we met and to the ship itself ‘Legend of the seas’. We had a awesome time relaxing and for myself seeing a taste of Asia for the first time.


Two words to describe Singapore, Clean and strict. Fines for not flushing toilets to gum being illegal. Strict laws but it makes there city so clean and slick.

We had a flight that night so we had a quick look around. High buildings and a lot of green trees also. Nice views but still had that smog from Indonesia. Made me laugh, hardly anyone was outside and they are all in malls getting shelter from the hot sun with air conditioning. Another fun fact is they have seven meals a day to get energy up as it does get pretty hot and I have to say there food is amazing!

Singapore is an awesome place. A place to go back and see more of. 🙂

Changi Airport time. Massive airport, it’s apparently the biggest airport in the world and I can see why. Then flew home to Perth, Australia

What a Trip with some fun memories with my man Russ


The Attic – coffee review

The Attic








I have to say The Attic is one of my favorite cafés in Fremantle.

I usually go in and order a ‘short Mac’ or a ‘long Mac’ with a berry oats breakfast and sit down upstairs in the attic with a magazine or news paper and relax for as long as I want as it is so nice I hardly want to leave.

This time however my boyfriend and I got takeaways so we could go down to the beach and chill out there since it was a nice day :-).

So last week I ordered a soy flat white and my boyfriend orders a long black with cinnamon on top (cinnamon instead of sugar is an awesome substitute). Trust myself and I get all happy because of the design of the paper cups. I was so tempted to try out one of there cakes as they have some good looking cakes. But I resist as I need to keep going on my summer diet hahaha.

I had my first sip when we arrived at the beach, I tend to wait a bit as I don’t like to burn my tough, even though soymilk doesn’t get too hot. It was tasty and definitely soy with that slight sweet aftertaste. The coffee was very good once again. High five!

This café is so cute and is a must to go have breakfast or lunch. Staff are lovely and it’s just a real cozzie feel that you’d want to stay for hours 🙂

I give ‘The Attic’ 9/10

Stop Dreaming, start doing!

The title says it all, but there are so many of us who don’t go out there and do what they want!


This book ‘Psychologies’ has some wicked topics. Check the site out: psychologies.co.uk


I love this quote as I use it a lot when i decide to do something I haven’t done before and that’s scary for myself. You should conquer your fears and when you do, you feel alive, free and proud for doing something you thought you couldn’t. Life is too short.

I had this friend tell me once that “oh, maybe we shouldn’t go as your scared of heights”. That made me want to do it more to prove her wrong and of course do it for myself. I also love Ferris wheels haha 😉

“We are faced with choices. The meaning of life is no longer as clear as it was once supposed to have been. Never have so many humans been uncertain about their larger purpose”

Now me myself and I are still finding out who I truly am and what I am really good at. I am getting to know myself day by day. But one thing I know is I really want to make people happy and dance!!

Ask yourself what can you give as a service to help others!

LIFE is a big thing and it should be about memories, learning and fun as we go through our days. So many people sit on the couch every day for god knows how many hours and get hypnotized into watching whatever is on… sometimes the news which is all negative, but that’s a whole new subject.

There’s a whole world out there to do fun and exciting things. You just got to go and explore and do the things you really want to do!


Make yourself a list of the things you want to do. From buying a house to learning a new language. Think of it as the ‘Yes Man’ movie with Jim Carry who is one of my favorite actors. This is such a good way of finding out your dream if you don’t have one.

Enjoy life and don’t take it for granted

Summer is here


This is my first post and I am super excited!

Summer; everyone sees summer differently and that is wicked. Some people are lucky with there tanned skin, but I freckle alot in the sun but I still love relaxing at the beach and enjoying cocktails with some friends in the sunshine.

You do have to look after your skin though and SUNBLOCK is super important and now you can get SPF 50+ and some make up has a bit of SPF. So what my teacher use to say at school is “Slip, slop, slap & Wrap!!!!”

Now when it gets real hot (like 40°C) I tend to put damp face clothes in the freezer so when I get home all hot I can place a nice cool face clothe on the back of my neck… wola instant cool.

Another thing to remember while out enjoying that big beauty sun is to drink plenty of water as it will keep you hydrated and also helps your body function… haha especially mine. What also helps with hydration is a pinch of salt to add to your water bottle or glass of water.

Well that shall wrap it up….

Enjoy Summer ?